About Achaia - Niforeika

The prefecture of Achaia is a gifted land that promises a vacation of dreams. The capital is the city of Patra, 25 km from NAIADES VILLAS, the gateway of the country to the west and to Europethrough its port. A developed city with full tourism infrastructure, it offers a multitude of hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, cultural activity centers, thus offering its visitors the variety and comforts of a modern metropolis. The coastline of Achaia, along the gulf of Patra, is full of seaside towns and villages, many of which have been developed into seaside resorts with clean and hospitable waters.

The inland region of the prefecture is dominated by the mountainous regions of Chelmos, Panahaikon, and Erymanthos, where the visitor can see numerous historical places and traditional resorts.

Achaia Archaeological & Historical sights

The sights of the prefecture are many, truly endless. Beginning from Patra, an indicative choice of sightseeing could be the Byzantine Castle, the Roman Odeon, the Municipal Theatre, the Archaeological Museum, and the Church of Saint Andrew. Furthermore, one may wish to attend artistic and cultural events, such as the ones held during international festival of Patra, which take place from June to September, or of course the famous carnival of Patra.

Achaia Excursions

Other places ideal for daily excursions and escapades are the monasteries of Mega Spilaeon and Agia Lavra near Zachlorou and Kalavryta, the lake Tsivlou near Zarouhla, the cave lakes near Kleitoria, the Vouraikos gorge, which begins from Kalavryta and goes all the way down to the seaside town of Diakopto, and which can best be seen with the historical cog railway. Kalavryta hosts a wonderful skiing centre, and is a favorite winter resort.

Our region can also serve as a staging point for visits to neighboring prefectures.

In the prefecture of Iliaone can visit ancient Olympia (90 km from our hotel), ancient Ilida, the thermal baths in Kyllini, Caiaphas, and in Kounoupeli, the beautiful beaches of Arkoudi, Skafidia, and Katakolo, and places of natural beauty such as the forest of Strofilia and the Kotychi lagoon. From the port of Kyllini, which is about 45 km from the hotel, one can travel to the islands of Zakynthos and Kefallonia.